Jonathan Jackson is the president at Freedom AMERICA Inc.
​                 He has 33 years experience in the Financial Services Industry.                      

Freedom America's mission is to provide our clients with a
"Safe and Secure Retirement".

More and more. people are very concerned and even frightened by the chaotic market conditions they are currently facing.  The market goes up, the market goes down.  No one seems to know what the long term outlook will be.
​Unfortunately, some have lost as much as 40% or more of their retirement savings (in recent years) due to market losses!  In these uncertain times, the people who educate themselves will be the best prepared to survive financially and even grow their portfolios in spite of the economic downturns.
Not one of our clients has lost a single penny using our

Why risk your future? Isn’t it time to learn how to make your money “SAFE”?   If you haven’t attended one of our powerful educational events, ​you need to make your reservation today!

​​We will teach you how to:
    -AVOID RISK in this turbulent market.
     -Possibly Reduce or Eliminate Tax on your Social Security.
     -Protect your wealth from GREEDY TAX LAWS.
     -Save your Legacy for your Heirs- not for ‘Uncle Sam’.
     -Create a Steady Income Stream that you can NEVER OUTLIVE.
     -​MAXIMIZE your Social Security Benefits!​

Our services include:​​
   -Tax Reduction Planning
     -Accountant/Income Tax Preparation
     -Pension & Retirement Plans
     -Estate Planning & Preservation
     -CD & Money Market Alternatives  
     -Life Insurance
     -Long Term Care
     -401k & IRA Rollovers
     -Social Security Optimization

​​Our staff is well versed in helping you, the consumer, increase your net worth, maximize your Social Security benefits, create an income stream you cannot outlive, and possibly pay less in taxes. With numerous decades of combined knowledge, we can help you! A free and complimentary review is what we offer our clients. Take advantage of this free opportunity. It may change your financial future!

We Protect Your Privacy!
Freedom AMERICA Inc. will not sell, or give names of our customers to other competing companies. We will effectively enforce any and all privacy agreements with associated companies protecting our customer records.  We will uphold the highest level of integrity while helping you secure your investments and save money on taxes. You can feel safe and secure that your private information will be kept confidential and not compromised under any circumstance.

  Answers To Commonly Asked Questions

How often do you hold your free educational meetings?
In lieu of all our other services, we regularly hold educational meetings or in-home presentations for people 55 and older in surrounding areas.  Our educational meetings are FREE to attend and the information you receive is priceless.   

Is there anything for sale at the meeting?
There is ABSOLUTELY nothing for sale. The seminar/meeting is for educational purposes only!  We will give you plenty of free information and also give you an opportunity to get a second opinion.

What type of services do you offer?
We focus on offering our clients a "Safe and Secure Retirement" while teaching them how to "maximize their Social Security benefits".  We also offer many tax saving strategies to help our clients legally pay less in taxes each and every year. Much of this information will be covered at our workshops or when visiting with one of our associates.

Social Security Optimization:​
We also have an entire division devoted to helping you maximize your Social Security Benefits throughout your life time. These valuable strategies are priceless to our clients when planning their future income needs.

​To schedule a time to discuss your retirement future, contact us at: